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Hunting in South Africa

Our brochure for download
Our brochure for download

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Travel Arrangements

Hunting Packages only: Book your flight via Cape Town, Durban or Johannesburg International Airport to the Port Elizabeth Regional Airport where we will meet you and transfer you to the Lodge.

Hunting Packages & Gardenroute: Book your flight via Cape Town International Airport where our accredited tour guide will meet you and transfers you via the Garden Route to the Lodge.


Please arrange with the Customs Services (local and South African) for the necessary transport permits. Click to download the SAP 520 & instructions (pdf file).

When selecting rifles for your South African Safari the following are recommended:

Small Game from .243             Larger Game .270 - .375

It is not legal to enter South Africa with more than one firearm of the same caliber. The prohibition applies to shotguns as well as rifles. You are only able to bring in 200 rounds of ammunition per gun.


South Africa has great temperature variations depending on seasons. Hot in the summer - up to 40 degrees Celsius (December to March) and cold winter months as low as - 4 degrees Celsius (May to September).


Clothes & Equipment

Clothes should be of a neutral colour, khaki or green (hunting clothing). A windproof jacket is also recommended for cold mornings, sweaters, gloves, a good pair of walking/hiking boots, a cap or hat is essential and sunscreen.

A good pair of binoculars (8x or 10x) and a camera.




Port Elizabeth
South Africa

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Day Trips

Day Trips to other places of interest in the area can be arranged on request. Here you can view some examples.


WelcomeTailor Made Hunting Safaris

Tailored packages are also made up to suit each persons specific requirements.

Tell us what you want and we will make it happen !!!



You are required to arrange your own personal travel and all-risk hunting and medical insurance, as no liability can be accepted by Jarandi Safaris, even though all reasonable precautions are taken to ensure your safety during your stay. It is necessary for all clients to sign a personal indemnity before commencement of the hunt.


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